Thursday, August 5, 2010

"SCIENCE IS RAD" Git Commits

So I thought this was a great idea! But I did not want to just copy the clapping, cheering kids. I work on a bioinformatics & plant sciences project so I thought I'd come up with something more related to that. I edited a comedy bit that used to appear on Triple J (the youth radio station for Australia) called "A Precise History of ...." Sam Simmons did the bits for Robbie Buck's afternoon (aussie time) radio show and they're pure genius (IHMO).

Thanks Collective Idea! I smile and am giddy with each commit.



Disclaimer: this clip is not used with permission from Australian Broadcast Company (ABC) or Triple J. All rights are reserved to ACB/Triple J. It is 3.5 seconds and falls under no commercial / fair use. Its' appearance here is promotion of the Triple J and their On-Air talent. It will be removed upon request.

P.S. - I didn't give Robbie a link because he can be lame I do not want to promote him. Sorry mate.