Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Unearthing old "ideas"

So I gave a talk to a class of undergrads studying Computer Science at Duke University just this past February. I had talked with the instructor, a friend & colleague, about doing this for years. Well, I've been digging around an old laptop and I found my list of "ideas" for the talk:

  • capture effort
  • testing is important
  • refactoring needs a safety net
  • strive to improve
  • you are an agent of change (if things aren't to your liking)
  • the importance of talking to none-tech people
  • look for outside influence
  • allow your hobbies to recharge your career
I was glad to see that my list of ideas was not too far from the actual talk I gave.

Tomorrow night, I need to restructure some slides for a talk I'm giving to an interdisciplinary group studying biology who have backgrounds in computer science, mathematics, and biology. I'll post the slide to Slideshare as soon as they're complete.