Monday, July 30, 2007


Last year at OOPSLA in Portland I picked up the Pragmatic Rails book. Sure, I fell in love with the quick ways that I could rough out functionality (check out the weblog in 15 minutes - a video of Rails in action). But, I was far from a proficient Ruby programmer. Anyway, I liked the idea - but I didn't want to "move there" until I was a better Ruby programmer.

Over the weekend, I went to No Fluff, Just Stuff in Phoenix and was introduced the Groovy programming language (a gateway dynamic programming language was C/C#/Java programmers, like myself). Even better? There's Grails - like Rails, but with Groovy as the programming language (there are some differences, but it's not worth me getting into here). I actually stayed up until 2am that night playing with Groovy - and dreaming of how much easier doing gigism will be in this paradigm.

Ah, so what is gigism? Well, it's a term that I hope gets popular - and something I'll leave to another post.

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