Thursday, August 21, 2008

Installing Git on a server (Debian)

First off - a thank you to Vincent for pulling all these things together.

I ran into an issue that seem to be related to the version of the git-core package (I'm running debian etch stable). The version of git-core is 1.4.4, and apparently they had not introduced `git-init` until 1.5.* - so my calls to `gitosis-init` were erroring out (like this gentlemen's:

So - I just did an install from source for git-1.6.0 ... there are instructions out there, so I bother pointing to those.

Thank again! I really did appreciate using this.

The only thing I'd mention after that is the call to `gitosis-init` looks like this for debian:

su - git -c gitosis-init < /home/joeuser/.ssh/authorized_keys

I tried to post this as a comment on Vincent's blog but I kept getting Apache errors.

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