Thursday, August 14, 2008

Late again...

I've missed my self-made deadline again. I had a horrible time trying to get my initial site done with the toolset I use daily (which is depressing, and makes me think about the toolset I use).

Right now, I'm back to looking at Grails. It still have issues with getting things to work in Grails. There is something I'm missing, or it's just not clear that how I approach things is wrong. But I've decided to invest time in learning more about Grails and Groovy for the time being.

I've also been learning as much as possible about Git. I recently gave a talk at the local Java Users Group about Git. It seems to be definite improvement over Subversion. And if you're thinking about all those posts ripping on Git's implementation or internal design, being a user at the porcelain I honestly don't care how it's implemented underneath.

Plugging on ... we'll see if I can post more than every four months.

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